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How do I use it?


Pour the correct amount of AquaGarde (as indicated on the table on the bottle) into the water
Activate the jets to mix AquaGarde into the water
After 2 minutes of water circulation, the hottub is ready for use
Ensure your Ozonator or UV-C lamp is working (please refer to manufacturer’s instructions). Insert 1 filter cleaning tablet into the Slow Release Dispenser, hold it under water in the hottub for 20 seconds to release air bubbles and place on top of the filter in the debris tray or basket (if you have two filters, put in the one that filters continuously)
Repeat the treatment once per week
Clean your filter every week
AquaGarde ensures pure and clean water by inhibiting bacterial growth, so you do not have to worry about bacteria multiplying in your hottub. Should any bacteria arrive from an outside source into the water they will not multiply and they will be destroyed by the Ozonator (or the UV-C lamp) or when passing through the filter where a cleaning tablet is slowly released.

AquaGarde causes the bacteria to coagulate. The bacteria will be attached to each other in much bigger molecules and will be caught in the filter and stay there. We recommend that you maintain your filters absolutely clean, with a single cleaner tablet (per week) placed in the Slow Release Dispenser on top of the hottub filter. You must also wash and clean your filter on a weekly basis. It is best to work with two sets of filters, leaving one set to dry for a week before replacing it in the hottub.

How to look after your filters

When using AquaGarde, it is extremely important to keep the filters clean at all times. Hot tubs are equipped with filters to maintain the water at its highest quality, as a piece of debris enters the tub it will end up in the filter and remain there until it is removed when cleaning the filter.

Unfortunately, with many hot tub chemicals, debris often stick to the surface of the hot tub and in the piping and never reach the filter in the first place. The layer of debris thickens over time, decreasing the water quality and potentially damaging your hot tub equipment.

With AquaGarde you will enable your filters to truly do the job they were intended for. AquaGarde loosens the debris from the surfaces and ensures that all debris is brought to the filter, where it should be, so that you can clean it out.

As a general rule, the more debris ends up in your filter, the cleaner the water is. It is therefore extremely important to keep your filters clean so they can function at their highest capacity at all times.

When cleaning your filter, ensure you rinse and brush every fold. Then soak the filter in detergent (alternatively some people put their filter in the dishwasher, with the filter detergent in the soap compartment). Once the filter is clean, leave it until it is completely dry.

We recommend having two sets of filters, to ensure that one set has time to dry, while the other set is in use.

When starting with a new AquaGarde kit, the filters should be changed every 3 days (or more often if required) during the first 10 days to ensure perfect water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It is my first time using AquaGarde. What should I do?
A: After filling your hottub with tap water, add AquaGarde in the correct amount indicated on the back of the bottle, and follow normal usage instructions.

Q: I want to switch over to AquaGarde from my current water care system. What should I do?
A: When switching over from chlorine maintained water, we recommend that you start with new fresh water and follow the normal instructions. If you have recently refreshed your water, it is possible to start using AquaGarde without changing the water first. Proceed with the normal usage instructions.

Q; How do I store AquaGarde?
A: Keep AquaGarde in its original container. Keep Away from children’s reach. Store away from freezing temperatures.

Q: What is the shelf life of AquaGarde?
A: Use within 1 year of purchase

Q: How do I use AquaGarde ESCENCIEL?
A: Sprinkle on the water surface and activate jets. We recommend an amount of 100gr for an average size hot tub, but you are free to use as much or as little as you want as the ingredients are neutral in nature and will not interfere with the water maintenance of your hot tub.

Q: What are the typcal problems encountered when using normal chemicals for the hot tub?
A: The most common problems are:

Difficulty in balancing the pH level of the water - testing kits are complicated and you easily add too much chemical adjusting the balance, creating further problems.

Improper water balance can seriously damage your hottub's operating equipment (heaters, pumps etc.)
... and your health - irritation of eyes, of airways and of skin
Lime scale build-up on the working parts shortens the life of the equipment drastically
Chlorine kills bacteria in the water, but in the process also kills the good bacteria on your skin, leaving your skin feeling dehydrated and fragile after using the hottub
Chlorine smells are unpleasant - even after a shower most users can still smell the chlorine on their skin
Consistent concerns about the quality of the water and its effect on the health of your family.



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